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Drop Earrings Either you want to make a bold statement with your look, or a subtle statement with your elegant style, involving a pair of dangle earrings waiting for you. These drop earrings are better known as teardrop earrings and are perfect for all occasions - some are perfect for parties, while others are suitable for casual wear. These not only add a sophisticated touch to your outfit but are also easy to boost your fashion coefficient. Teardrop earrings come in a variety of shapes and sizes - while long earrings will be your perfect companion for any special occasion, you can adorn your office look with a pair of short earrings. Our jewelry has more than 400 earrings models on its online site. With a wide range of elegant drop earrings, with a starting price range of Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 2.50.000, Rigved Jweles makes millions of smiling faces. You can choose from gold, diamonds, gemstones, or solitaire earrings, but not only that, but you can also choose if you want your favorite design to use yellow gold, white gold rose gold, or even platinum. Trust us when we say that Rigved Jweles has something for everyone. Dangling earrings Drop earrings are believed to draw attention to the neck and shoulders due to their length. Much attention is paid to the profile of the face. Usually, drop earrings have gemstones on the end to attract more glances! Selected gems have the appropriate cut to attract light and make earrings shine. Like all other earrings, the drop earrings are available in silver, gold, platinum, and white gold. Gold earrings are the most valuable, but due to the accessibility factor, people prefer silver or platinum earrings to white gold. If the event calls for ethnic clothing, gold and gemstone earrings will be the right choice, however, if you choose indoor or western clothing, a pair of earrings will be the style partners. the best. However, if you are looking forward to an event where you want to make your style stand out, you can also combine gemstone earrings with gemstone rings of the same color to create a non-powerful combination. create appropriate. You can also choose from different types of earrings that best suit their style needs, for example, your casual wardrobe can have a pair of floral diamond rings to keep you fresh as before. never. You can also choose a pair of earrings, if the occasion is really special and you are of the minimalist type, you can also choose a pair of short gold earrings, after all, fashion connoisseurs promise that everything is as small as it is here and now. So why not choose a pair of earrings that should look elegant and enhance both your outfit and your features.