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Floral Flower earrings design: sun drop in your collection Is it a nightmare to match your earrings to clothes for every occasion? Rigved Jweles is at your disposal. We revived the classic Retro Age to give you the perfect setting for every occasion. Choose one of the models that resonates with the glorious aura of the 50s - large, bold and three-dimensional floral earrings in gold that take on different shades of white and pink gold. Naila Earrings, Helen Earrings, and Isla Earrings are an absolute beautician in this category. Think of the early Romans or the past - gold flower earrings are all you need. Or rather, you will never need it! A little daring and a lot of blindness, if that means you want to be, go straight and choose from a wide collection of our earrings with golden flowers. Golden floral earrings: where beauty marries gracefully Flowers and gold, depending on not loving? The eternal combination, which dispenses with USP, neither the approval of the stars nor the stories of the queens and princesses that adorned them in antiquity. These models of earrings with golden flowers give a smooth and elegant appearance. While history may claim that floral jewelry is the docile design for "feminine" obedient women, a look at some of our sparkling designs will change your current thinking. In our collection, you will find that almost all golden flower earrings are unique to the person you are and the statement you want to make. We at Rigved jewels believe that jewelry is ultimately part of your personality and reflects the image you want to present to the world. Workwear and everyday wear: buy gold flower earrings online at Rigved Jweles Floral stud earrings make up a fantastic work outfit with diamonds in 18kt gold. Wait, you fancy rose gold, well we have Coralee hoop earrings just for you! A beautiful diamond bezel, with three beautiful diamonds, firmly placed in the folds of a pink flower. Romanians are jealous of their colleagues. The versatility of the Rigved jewels collection promises to add freshness to the colors of everyday life with collections such as the Peacock Vivacity earrings. Plus, with models such as the Lambent Calypso and Modish Frond, gold easily permeates through the disc design, adding brightness and sparkle to the everyday wardrobe. Buy gold flower earrings online from us at the price you can imagine. We offer fashionistas Ivia earrings with rubies and red diamonds and Cher Lattice earrings with a beautiful combination of gold and diamonds. Try Gwines earrings for a crazy party. Pendant with three 22-piece gold rings each bearing a sparkling silver flower.