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Pendants Pendants: beautiful jewelry with a rich history Pendants are a popular form of jewelry among women of all ages and personalities. A wide range of pendant models available today has contributed to the growth of its popularity. The term pendente is derived from pendere, a Latin word, and pendre, a French word, both translated as "to hang". Pendants are usually available in the form of pieces of precious metal or precious stones attached to a necklace by means of a small bow. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, and patterns, pendants are undoubtedly one of the most versatile works of art in the world of jewelry design. However, its popularity is not a recent phenomenon. Being one of the first forms of body beautification, attractive stones, shells and other indigenous materials were used as pendants. This goes on to say that pendants are probably the oldest type of jewel known today. Pendants: roots that can be found in prehistoric times The pendants were used by people of ancient civilizations from different parts of the world, either as jewelry or for other reasons. In prehistoric times, amulets as pendants were the first forms of jewelry. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs used pendants in the shape of a beetle as a symbol of their power and wealth. The nobility and royalty of the region also used oval or elongated pendants called cartridges. Pendant: a timeless classic Although the basic concept of pendants remains the same, modern women have far more options than their prehistoric counterparts. There are a variety of charms, including plain or open lockets in an image, charms hanging from a large piece of metal, large pearls, gemstones, cameos, crosses, or even watches. Few things have changed since ancient times when it comes to charms such as charms. They are still popular in the 21st century as talismans, luck spells, and for protection against the evil eye or other disasters and supernatural forces. While some charms come with the chain, most charms are sold without the necklace, giving you the flexibility to purchase one that matches the pendant. Whoever arrives with the pins also turns into pins. Buy pendant online: Rigved Jewels allows you to indulge in your choice If you are looking for unique models, Rigved Jewels are the best place to buy amulets online. You can choose from an exclusive line of gold pendants from our timeless collection of pure gold jewelry. One of the popular pieces in this collection is the Peacock Vivacity pendant. Some of the drawings available in our country include religious motifs, floral motifs, cartoon characters for children, and medallions. You can also buy a custom gold pendant based on purity level, 14kt, 18kt, or 22kt gold, and made in exclusive models with different price ranges. The gold pendant never goes out of style - it looks good with most clothes, is good for everyday use, and offers an attractive value for resale. As popular as our gold pendants are diamond-encrusted pendants, jewelry-encrusted pendants. A popular item in our collection of jar pendants is the Epitome Luxuriate pendant. You will also find pendants inlaid with colored semiprecious stones, including topaz, pearl, tourmaline, peridot, rose quartz, garnet, and many more also inlaid in gold of varying purity. Pendants with pins are fashionable, perfect for special occasions, and go well with office clothing. Didn't you find anything to match your personality? You can also choose to buy pendants for custom pendants online to your specifications. Our exclusive designs, unmatched collection, and competitive prices of online pendants will make you come back for us.