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Heart Pendants Pendant design: when love speaks through symbols Love does not always need language and often speaks with signs and symbols. The symbol most commonly used to represent universal love is the shape of the heart. It is recognized worldwide as a symbol of love, mostly but not exclusively. Therefore, it is not surprising that people often find this heart-shaped gift a gift for someone who loves and thinks it is the deepest gift. Over the centuries, this popular love symbol has been used by many industries for factories and products. The great selection of heart-shaped pendants available in gold and other precious metals will tell you that the jewelry industry does not reach this style. The origin of the heart theme and the design of the heart pendant The history of the heart theme can be traced back to the late Middle Ages and the original visual description of the heart as a metaphor for romantic love can be found in manuscripts from the 13th century. In the Middle Ages, heart-shaped rings and smiles were finally seen, often written in love poems. In times of polite love, these works alternate between knights and girls as a sign of eternal love. In the early 18th century, cutting jewelry pointed to a community of users who were committed to fashion. Themed jewelry, especially pendants, became popular throughout Europe during the Victorian era and with the advent of Valentine's Day. Now, the design of the heart pendant, the design of the rings, the design of the earrings, and much more an essential parts of jewelry and the purchase and exchange of these ornaments as a festive love. Buy a heart pendant online: Let your love know Those who think that the heart shape does not allow design innovations are clearly surprising. Just browse through some of the online jewelry collections and you will be amazed to see how designers experiment with this modest design. From simple gold designs to stunning jewelry studded with diamonds and other gems, the selection available online will leave you speechless. Another popular design in this motif is a double heart pendant, usually worn by engaged or married women. When you buy heart pendants online, you get to choose from an exciting selection and can also grab attractive offers and great deals. Heart String Design by Rigved Jweles: Celebrate your love At Rigved Jweles, we have an incredible selection of gold, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold heart pendant designs. The Joran pendant, the blissful love pendant, and the glitter of love are some of the design marvels we made in white gold. Among the demand for the pieces in two-tone gold are Nova Pendant, Heart Yonder Pendant, and Amorette Pendant. Our dual heart patterns, including Entwined in Love Pendant and Art of Love Pendant, are ideal gifts that one can give the love of one's life. Openable pendants such as Season of Love openable pendants are also very popular with many Rigved Jweles customers.