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Initials We can’t stop wondering the initials ... why not? Using real jewelry is that it must be conceived of every person. Another reason, I miss him. No more! This page contains over 90 real gems for you. You can easily use it for work or a casual party with friends. These real gems are available in gold, diamond, and gem patterns to choose from. Initial gem As the saying goes, a letter explains everything. Deep letters make a big difference, that is your name, your name, or a combination of both, has its own charm. The original jewelry you see above can be customized to your needs. When it comes to the purity of gold, we have 18K and 14K options. For diamond quality, we have SI IJ, SI, VS GH, and VVS EF. The customization of the purity of gold and diamonds reflects this change and its value. However, if you want real jewelry in different colors, you can choose yellow, white, and gold colors. Real gold jewelry This page lists some simple but elegant original gold pendants. The best thing about real gold jewelry is wearing a gold chain. This not only makes a necklace but can also be considered excellent for gift purposes. All these original gold pendants are available for Rs. 11,044 yellow, white and pink gold. Early diamond jewelry You can also arrange this pendant as a combination of two initials, such as the "S n B" diamond pendant and the "S n M" diamond pendant. You can also write the alphabet with diamond branches or design with gold with a heart in an elegant style. Beginner Necklace You can also get initials with interchangeable ring combinations, such as “special ring pendants”, the perfect gift to share with your boyfriend. Another early necklace was a gold design with the initials attached to an 18-inch gold chain. Initial jewelry designs The original pendants are available in exclusive Ganesha designs adorned with a ruby; combined acrylic and gold pendants that allow your name to be suspended giving it a floating look, dancing heart pendants, and simple heart initials. Another interesting design of the original pendants is the diamond patterns that also have a heart included in the design. You will find practically all the alphabets in these two models. The initial price of jewelry The original jewel you saw above was designed to start as little as Rs. 7,478 (approx.) Only. For the price, you get a Vakratunda Initial I Ruby pendant that can be used with the chain of your choice. All pending initials listed on Rigved Jweles are available in a variety of payment options, such as credit card, debit card, cash on delivery, cash bank, check deposit, etc. Buying jewelry online at Rigved Jweles also offers flexible payment methods as well as insurance for jewelry. For values ​​over 10k in the cart, take advantage of EMI insurance and jewelry at checkout. Plan your jewelry payment as it suits you!