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Pendant Jewelry (Lockets) Locket Jewelry Design: Bring Memory (Quite True!) Most of the time, the jewelry you wear is more than that. This is a memory - or an event - that you love. From the simple necklace your mother gave you on your 15th birthday to the beautiful ring, your girlfriend will surprise you, from the small earrings you bought with your first salary to the vintage pendant your grandfather gave you, your jewelry box can contain pieces of feeling. Speaking of sentimental jewelry, how about using a piece of memory, literally, with a photo, a handwritten message, or a very small object like beads or curls? Yes, we are talking about accountants here, one of the smartest inventions of the past who wants to remember their favorite objects. You can now buy outstanding jewelry online from Rigved Jweles, and this is part of a longstanding tradition so that it can be traced back for hundreds of years. What is Locket Jewelry? Get some introduction and history before you buy a pendant jewelry design. So what is a pendant and what is the difference with a regular pendant? A pendant is a type of open pendant that contains a place where small objects can be stored. Usually, these pendants are worn on a chain around the neck with a beloved photo or charm of fate stored inside. In addition to pendants, pendant jewelry designs are also in the form of rings. Remember the iconic pendant ring worn by Queen Elizabeth I, which featured a portrait of Anne Boleyn’s mother? A selection of gifts suitable for events such as Valentine's Day, birthdays, and weddings, these little trinkets come in a variety of shapes, from oval and spiral to heart and other exquisite patterns. Buy Rigved Jweles Locket jewelry online and make a style statement At Rigved Jewels, we offer heart-shaped jewelry designs for the modern woman who wants to make a unique style statement. Made of gold, these baubles are ideal personalized gifts that men can choose for their women on Valentine's Day, birthdays, and other special occasions. Take, for example, the opening pendant of the season of love. Made of 18-carat gold, this heart-shaped medallion features another tiny heart set with diamonds in the center. The brilliance of gold and the brilliance of diamonds come together to make this piece an elegant fashion accessory. It doesn't matter if you have found true love in your life or not. Passionate or not, engaged or single, our Season of Love Openable pendant will grace your neck in all seasons. The same applies to our Quest of Love opening pendant. As the name suggests, this piece is an ideal souvenir for romantic love. This, however, should not prevent any woman from buying this 22kt gold medallion to show a lot of love for herself. The ring version of this pendant - the Quest of Love Openable Ring - is something you probably won't find in conventional jewelry collections. Made of 18kt gold without any stone ornaments, it is an excellent addition to your daily and office collections. Buy these jewelry designs for medallions and keep something special in them - a photograph of your special person, a short love letter, a piece of fabric from your wedding dress, a note with your life goals, a quote from your favorite author, or anything you find close to your heart. The price of our medallion jewelry is highly affordable and competitive, so why wait another day to make the purchase?